Monthly Archives: January 2017

Who is a Wise Woman

Arlene Ayirah

It’s a new year and I hope you all crossed to 2017 with joy and expectations to see more of God. I want to start of this year with sharing about who a Wise Woman is. We all know that the world has set different standards pertaining who a Wise Woman is. Some are really absurd and unrealistic but I want us to look at the only standards that matter. These are the standards of God. 

I may not be able to fully quote the Bible considering this is a blog, but I will highlight a few verses for us to ponder on. First off, Proverbs 2:16, Proverbs 5:3 & Proverbs 6:24 highlight what the tongue does. Here we see that when our ears heed to the flattery words of a strange woman then we are preparing ourselves for trouble or failure. A wise woman is careful what she says, when she says it and to whom she says it to.  

We then see Proverbs 14:1 explaining about how a wise woman chooses to build a home but a foolish one destroys it with her bare hands. This tells me that a wise woman is equipped with knowledge on how to build her home. She makes decisions that build and not break. In Proverbs 21:9 and Proverbs 21:19 we are warned against being nagging women. A nagging woman deprives her husband and family from peace because she’s always complaining about something, big or small.  

From these few verses I pick up three things that should stand out in every woman who is looking to be termed as a wise woman. First of all she must have ability to think. She must be intelligent. Thinking is an act of the mind that produces results. We cannot touch thinking but we can see what you think about from the results you produce. How you carry yourself portrays what is in bewteen your ears. So a wise woman must think, and not just think but think right.  

Secondly, a wise woman must be able to show respect to all people. Respect is honouring people around you. It may be in different ways depending on one’s resources. Bottom line is, she must show honour and respect to people around her. This way she attracts. She gains favour. 

Three, she must have ability to hold together. When everything else is crumbling a wise woman must be able to keep things together. She acts different. She is not ordinary. She is not like any other. She must be different. When common sense fails,somehow she comes up with a solutions. That is wise woman. She does not spend time complaining about situations or her problems, rather she seeks the face of God. She trusts God to make her better,stronger and victorious. 

When I first read proverbs 31 I asked myself, where can such a super woman be found? And over time, I realized that this woman is inside of me. She is inside of you. All you have to do is cultivate her and bring her to the open. Proverbs 31:30 says that “Favour is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who feareth the LORD, shall be praised. “So finally to make ourselves better women we must fear the Lord. Fearing the Lord is being able to selflessly live for God and trust Him completely to make us and improve us. 

I leave you with this quote, “men don’t follow titles they follow courage” Women have the courage to become wise and you shall be favoured.