Dear Dads

Arlene Ayirah

Hello beloved of God. It is my sincere hope that you are doing well. Before I can delve into today’s matter allow me to say a prayer over your life. I have come to realize that as long as we are here on earth, connecting to our father is very important.  Lord I thank you for this faithful sons and daughters who love you. I pray that your peace, joy, grace,abundance and love shall be their potion in Jesus name. I ask that you continue to guide us and allow us to manifest what you have planted in us and allow us to walk in fullness of the power within us. Holy Spirit guide us, teach us and help us to do the will of the Father. In Jesus name I pray Amen.  Thank you for believing with me and I declare that it is well with you.

So today I want to speak to us about something that’s more of a personal experience. I won’t share much about the personal details but I hope you can connect to the lessons we shall share. My heart today, is to talk about fathers and the kind of impact they have on their children regardless of their gender. I don’t know how many fathers will read this but I sure hope I can reach out to a people who are yet to get into that phrase because preparation is key for them.  

As we begin I want you to think about the life of Jesus and the number of times He referred to God as a Father. He even tells us in Mathew 6:9 that as we pray we can address God as Our Father.  I find this very exciting and again I want to know why God wants so much to be a Father to me despite the fact that He gave me parents here on earth. The role of our parents is to be a representation of God here on earth. It may be unfortunate if some of our parents do not know the Lord and as a result have done or not done things “perfect” parents should do. Our mandate as children should always be to honor them even if we feel otherwise. Honoring our parents is equally honoring God who gave us these parents.  

Now when I think about our daddy relationships, this is what I have come to understand. The essence of fatherhood is a broad unfolding of different roles,abilities and graces. Fatherhood does not lie in one’s ability to make a child. We have so many men who have fathered children but are not necessarily playing the role of a father in the lives of these children. 
I want you to understand that the fatherhood of God is not limited to only what He can be or give when you call on Him. His fatherhood is a perfect kind. Whatever you need Him to be in the office of fatherhood He is. Therefore it is so wrong for you to see God the same way you see your dad especially if your dad has not been good to you. The love of God is perfect and it never fails. This then tells us that fathers should love their children and be the best version and example to them, so that the picture of the God is in agreement with that of the dad. 

I had a conversation with a good friend of mine who shared his heart about this matter and he made me understand fatherhood in a man’s perspective. When we look at it from a Kingdom perspective, a father is viewed as a source, a covering, a protector and even a mentor. And if you look at it closely, this is what God is to man. Therefore a father (man of the house) succeeds the role of God in His family as a unit in the society. He has to lead his family with the intention of doing what God would do if He was physically present in that family.  

It’s important to know that this is God’s order of things as far as fatherhood is concerned and so a father is an office of authority based on assignment from God. Therefore someone is not necessarily a father to you because he biologically bore you alone, but because it’s God’s ordinance as well. A father stands in the place of God.

When it comes to a father’s relationship with his children, having all this in mind is very fundamental. It should begin from this perspective. His role involves forgiving, teaching, training, blessing, raising, protecting, guiding, correcting, loving and being a covering. This seems like a lot to offer but believe me it’s very doable especially if you trust God with your family.

Dads you should know that the way you treat your children affects how and what they think of themselves and other people. It  forms a social perspective for them. A father is important to a daughter because he sets precedence for other men in his daughter’s life and also what to look for in a man. 

When dealing with the daughters, the love of a father is so important and necessary. It allows the girl to understand men and form a perception thereafter about who men are. For example if a father gets home drunk, beats up his wife, is abusive and speaks negative things to his children, the daughters in that home will always think that men are all like that and may even conclude never to get married because they don’t want that kind of life. For many it forces them to go through a healing process so that they can begin to see men in a better light. And if a father is present, loving, cares and provides well for his family, daughters therefore believe that they should be able to find a man almost like her father. Even if the father had shortcomings, the good will always be what the child remembers. 

When we come to the sons, fathers literally make their sons and breed them into the man they become in future. If a father is too brutal, a son may either think that that’s how matters should be handled or may become extremely rebellious and disrespectful to his father. The boy child most times becomes a spitting image of his father in terms of character. You notice that sons take up small habits as a result of spending time with their dads and so it’s important for dad’s to be great examples to their boys. 

Therefore fatherhood should be based on purpose and destiny. A dad ought to know the mind of God for his children and help empliment it alongside the mother. He should be involved in taking care of the total person, spirit, soul and body. Fathers form realities in the lives of daughters and build character in the life of sons.  

Sometimes fathers dont know how much the things they do affect their children and so it’s important to have people around who are more advanced in parenting who can give sober advise and help bring out the best in the children. I may not know everything about fatherhood but I have shared a few things I have learnt especially from my personal account of life.  

Dear dads please love your children and make sure they know that you love them, it forms them emotionally. Teach your children well, train them as God would because truth is, you will be accountable to God for what you do or don’t do with your children. Our dads may not be perfect but alongside honouring them, let’s pray for them, they need it. Ask God to help them set you up right for life. As I finish always remember that “the heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.”

Thank you so much for reading today’s piece. I hope it has been enlightening. As always it’s an honour having you read this. Thank you for your continued support prayers and love. Let me know what you thought about this article on the comment section. Also share anything related to this on the comments for others to read and get a few nuggets. Like the article and share it as widely as you can. God bless you and I love you.

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25 thoughts on “Dear Dads

  1. I really appreciate the fact that I am reading this on a day labelled “Fathers Day”. It has been a difficult day for me for many years now, but today was different, very different. Thank you Arlene for sharing this. My dad created an ugly reality for me, but I am dancing for joy cause my healing has been glorious.


  2. Yes, fathers are important and play a very key role in children’s lives. Thank you for the article. You could perhaps give us references to the scripture readings.

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  3. This is important for future Dad’s to know.They should reflect the perfect kind of love and are responsible for the next generation.Its a nice read.

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  4. This is important for future Dad’s to know.They should reflect the perfect kind of love and are responsible for the next generation.Its a nice read.

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