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Abide My Heart, Abide. 

Arlene Ayirah

Todays piece should just challenge you and I to go back to the drawing board and make sure we are on the right track as far as our personal relationship with God is concerned. 

Take this example for instance where it is planting season and a farmer gets working and plants his crops. What is it that causes other plants to yield successfully and others die along the way. The answer is simple…the dead plants failed to abide.  Am sure you are wondering what abiding has to do with growth of plants. Let’s take this journey together. 

Today the word abide for me will mean enduring, lasting, persisting, lifelong, continuing, remaining, surviving. Many times we are all placed in an environment that is conducive for growth and development. But for some reason others do not grow. They stay in the same condition despite the very essential conditions. It is because we have no root system from which we can draw our nourishment from. We refuse to abide by the conditions that we are exposed to and choose to wait for growth to happen just like that. 

The health of anything-in this case our relationship with God is a reflection of what is going on or not going on underground. The only way to successfully have God as our Ultimate Priority is to ensure we develop a root system that is anchored in Him. This should happen away from the public domain when it’s just you and the Lord. This way we draw from Him all that we require for the abundant life He promised us in John 10:10.

Let’s delv deeper into the Roots and it’s functionality in our walk with the Lord.  

1. Roots are unseen.                                     Our spiritual life is a manifestation of what we do in the secret place.  When nobody is watching,when it’s just you and the Lord. It is important that we ensure that what others see on the outside is a reflection of what goes on in private between us and God. The greater time you spend in the secret place with God,the greater impact, effectiveness and relevance your outside is. The impact of our ministry is directly proportional to the time we spend with God.  For our roots to grow deep in Him, God calls us away from the world. So we can be real with Him. 

2. Roots are for taking in.                        Every second we choose to spend time with God, we expose ourselves to a learning environment. He supplies us so that our hearts are constantly in pursuit of His ways.  A great writer, Elizabeth George calls this process The Great Exchange. This is where you give God your baggage and He replaces it with strength, weakness for power,  sadness for joy, problems for solutions, burdens for freedom,questions for answers.  You can name everything else. But this is where you give up you and let God be Him for you. It’s very important even after we have made plans for our lives to set time apart for God to put into perspective and empower His word in our plans. This way we have exchanged our needs for God’s supply. 

3. Roots are for storage.                              The moment we have tapped from God we receive enough to carry us through out times of turmoil. We will faithfully deliver despite our times of drought. We will be able to produce fruit in and out of season. Constantly drawing from God creates in us a reservoir from which we can always depend on.  When our roots are deep in God, all we have to do is reach out and pick what He has already put in us and exercise it for that season.  

4. Roots are for support.                          Without a well developed root system it is easy for us to be swept away or blown away by every wind that comes.  But as long as we have a strong root connection we can stand out everytime a wind blows. When others are bowing to the world, you are able to stand tall and proclaim God in every situation.  

Maybe you are thinking within yourself how to be able to accomplish all this. It’s simple… Decide. Do you want God or not. If you do then realize that all relationships require work and communication. With this understanding then you shouldn’t struggle to do what is required of you as a child of God. A few steps maybe to give you an idea of how to abide and have a deep root connection with the Lord.

First of all you must develop the habit of drawing near to God. The same way you wake up and freshen up everyday before school or work is the same way you must set time aside to switch to heavenly frequency. Despite all our busy lives somehow we always find time to chat our friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, parents and all other important people to us.  How much more should we strive to spend time with God. It may not be easy but thats the measure of love you must have to always be in contact with God. It is a deliberate choice that has to come from your heart. 

Second you could design a personal time for communing with God. The same way you always have time to go to the gym everyday or go for your morning run is the same way you must intentionally plan to come to God. It doesn’t have to be in the synagogue or church. Select a time that matches your lifestyle, let’s say that lunch break at work, that hour when the baby finally goes to bed or that time you are stuck on traffic. It could be any time of the day really. Then decide where you meet the Lord. Is it in your prayer closet, is it at the study table, is in your living room.  Wherever you choose as long as it is a place you move to, that has no distractions. It doesn’t matter really,just make a specific spot your place to meet with the Lord. Take with you all material you need for your time with God. Your journal, your Bible, maybe a box of tissue, your music playlist,your CD with a sermon. Whatever learning aids you need, carry them all.  

Another important thing to propel you to have a better walk with God is to dream it. Hold that thought. Don’t try disqualify dreaming because you feel it’s not enough to dream.  This is what I mean.  When you have a motivation to pursue God it puts you in a position to keep going so you can achieve what you want. Have a picture in mind of what you want to see in your salvation life at the end of the year and work towards making sure your relationship with God is exactly where you want by that specific time frame. This will motivate you to work towards your dream.  

I leave you with this challenge. God will only take you as far as you want to go and as fast as you are willing to move. When God calls us to go and reason together with Him this is probably one of those things we should be reasoning out. Set your pace and God shall flow along with you and moderate you when you move to fast or too slow. He will act as your thermostat or regulator.

Guys I sincerely  hope today’s piece challenges you as much as it challenged me.  Let’s make our lives stable in the Lord. Thank you for taking time to read. Please like the article, leave a comment and tell me more about how we can have a fruitful and successful walk with God.  Then you can also share with others. Let’s get as much information out there. They say information is power so let’s get ourselves the power and pass it on to others. 


A Heart of Pursuing God.

Arlene Ayirah.

I woke up today feeling a little unusual and I realized it was because of something I had resolved to do last night.  I put on my garment of thanksgiving and I got myself going through a lot of helpful material that I thought would be nice to share. 

Today’s piece is not the normal kinds of boy girl relationships but it’s far much better.  It’s about the only relationship in our lives that count(well this will only make sense to those who are born again and are out to live their lives for God.)

Today I want us to place our hearts right with God and learn to endeavour to follow after the heart of God. 

Life is all about choosing the things that matter most and those that cannot be taken away from us. It is about standing tall, as different as you are and choosing to be the one who picks the decision that many may not understand because you are following after God and what He desires for you. Take Luke 10:38-42…the story of Martha and Mary where how Martha got upset because Mary sat at the feet of Jesus other than helping her prepare a meal for Jesus. Having a delicious meal for Christ was a great thing. In fact it was going to be so bad if the two hosts had very bad food for Jesus to eat. But Mary at that particular moment discerned the season and time, and chose to sit at the feet of Jesus so she could chew on spiritual food that would last her a lifetime.  When you make choices that upraise God,he makes them count at the end of it all. 

Many times we are faced by very big challenges that really weigh us down. I have had times where I felt like being a follower of Christ was the worst decision I ever made but guess what, it didn’t move God. It didn’t change who God says He is.  It’s very important for you and me as believers to learn to face life and it’s challenges with a heart full of devotion to God. Because no matter what situation you are in,as long as you are alive, your life counts and it counts in a very huge way.  

We must develop an art of discerning times and what is required of us by God. Set our priorities right as far as the things of God are concerned and make choices that will count. Let us not be busy following our routines or doing things for God that we forget to actually spend time with Him. Choosing God and His ways deepens our devotion to Him. 

You may ask yourself, am a busy person,i have a job, I have school work to do,am a pastors kid I have responsibilities in church and all other important things that need your attention.  How then are you able to know where to place your priorities and how to actually be available every time God needs your attention.  The following guidelines might help.

  • Choose God’s way every opportunity you get. 

Read proverbs 3:6 and you will see that there is a double entry relationship between us and God as far as our roles are concerned. Our part as His children is to acknowledge God every time and His part is to direct our paths. Take this example for instance, when you are going about your daily routine and your colleague says or does something nasty to you, what should your reaction be.  Stop, think and check in with God.  Ask Him what He expects of you in that moment. He in return will direct your path.  That response therefore will be exactly what you need to remain sober and exude the character of God.

  • Commit yourself to God daily.

We must make a deliberate decision to offer God a fresh commitment everyday.  This will strengthen our devotion to Him. We cannot ride on stale commitment. It is exhausting to try and operate on a level that has been passed by time. It is like trying to start a fire using friction method yet we now have match sticks to use. Commitment then requires us to verbally tell God that we surrender everything about us to Him. When I say everything I mean everything, every aspect of our lives withholding nothing at all. God is ready to assume full responsibility for the life that is wholly yielded to Him. This kind of thing refreshes your strength and zeal to go after God. 

  • Cultivate a hot heart for the things of God. 

Having a do or die attitude as far as the things of God are concerned is necessary. In Revelation 3:15-16 we are warned against being lukewarm Christians. To fully be in pursuit of God we must not mind the norms and do what we know counts in the Kingdom. Ensure that the fire of God in you is evident and it affects those around you.  A good friend of mine Charles Arnold is particularly very cautious about being Hot for God.  He doesn’t do anything halfway. If he is asked to pray He prays as if it is the last time. He reminds me everyday that being lukewarm for a believer is never an option.  One thing he said one time that really got my attention was this… “you cannot blame anyone for failing to be a person of impact. ” this reminded me that to be a person of influence, I have to purpose to be Hot for God and do all I can to diligently follow after God and what He wants. You can either be hot or cold. Choose God and tirelessly follow Him or choose to be unaware or unconscious of God and stay that way.  But do not be in between.  Being lukewarm is being indifferent towards God and this will cause Him to vomit you. 

I hope you learnt something from this piece. Like, leave a comment and share with other believes who want to pursuit God and have a fruitful encounter with Him everyday.  



Arlene Ayirah


Hello everybody. I trust you are fine,the Lord has kept you. Today i want to talk about something a little different. Of cause I will touch about our relationships here and there but mostly I want to dwell on more of our souls. The person that we all are made of.

Am sure we all have wronged or wronged someone, no matter how big or small. I want you to imagine, the worst thing someone has ever done to you. One thing you think or feel you can never forgive. Hope you have something in your mind…hold that thought and after am done you make a choice whether to forgive or not.

Forgiveness first of all is not and should not be a struggle. My personal definition of forgiveness is…a deliberate choice to let go of someone who has hurt you or offended you, and choose to love them at that point where they hurt you most. This is the true test of love. When you love someone, anyone. Could be your family member, friend or spouse, it is easy to love them when all they do is make you happy. But when everything is up side down, when they hurt, annoy or oppress you, do we love them as much. Do we struggle to love them? The real test of love is not when it is easy, its when it is hard.

It took me a while to learn how to forgive others. I always thought I was justified to withhold “my forgiveness”. God had to take me through a series of experiences where I was now the one who was wrong and I needed to be forgiven. I kept asking people to forgive me and when they declined, it was really hard for me to understand why they were not willing to forgive. Then the Lord started reminding me about how I refused to forgive. Then He began to teach me about forgiveness. We do not own forgiveness. We cannot say this is my forgiveness am giving it to this one, but to this other person I will not give. Forgiveness is a gift from God. He gives the ability to forgive. When we forgive we simply are sharing a nature of God.

Forgiveness is an action that works for your good. When you forgive it works for you more than you think. This action makes you lighter at heart. When you do not forgive, it is the same as carrying a stale egg in your bag. It stinks but then you insist on carrying it and when you do, then you have no choice but to bear the consequences. When really all you have to do is get rid of the rotten egg by deliberately choosing to throw it away. When you forgive you set yourself free from carrying burdens. Most times, the person who has wronged you has no idea, or is very comfortable living his or her life.

Offering forgiveness also is a sign of maturity. Both in character and spiritually. Remember when Jesus was at the cross, He had so many reasons to refuse to die in our place. He was insulted, hurt, abused and humiliated. But what did He say, “Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing” This for me was the greatest sign of maturity and love. The moment you have a bigger picture of things, you have no issue forgiving others. You begin to count it all joy because you see the impact of what you are doing from a bigger perspective. Holding grudges for me is actually a childish thing to do. True measure of maturity is choosing to let go of that one thing that has hurt you the most.

So am sure you are wondering, how do I forgive this person, they hurt me a lot, I was broken because of what he or she did. Here is one way that worked for me. I took a book and pen. On one page i wrote down all the things and people i felt had hurt me. On another page I wrote all the things I thought I had done wrong. (of cause the lists were long and I probably did not write everything) Then  I realized I has too many staleness in my heart. I decided to start clearing them out one after the other. Truth be told it was not easy. So I would pray and tell God, that it is true I find it hard to forgive this person but I forgive him or her by faith. I asked God to fill me with love for them and within a short time it was clear I was changing. I was no longer resentful to those who hurt me. The best part is that people I hurt began to forgive me too. Am not saying it gets easier, am saying you get stronger.

In the Lords prayer, we are told to forgive others so God can forgive us. If God was to punish us every time we do wrong am not too sure we would sustain His wrath. Therefore, we should become an example as the body of Christ. We could pretend to be Holy and Righteous all we want, but truth is, if we do not reflect the nature of God, it is all null and void. You may wonder, What is this nature of God. It is love. God is Love. When we express this to others, unforgiveness will not be part of us.

I may have so much to say, but I will leave it at that for now. Please feel free to add more on this topic at the comments slot. Let us have a discussion so we may help each other to have clean hearts with no baggage whatsoever.
Thank you for taking your time to read. I highly appreciate. Be blessed.