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Upholding Dignity- Ladies Edition.

Arlene Ayirah


Today’s piece is going to touch on some of those things we do not like to be told. Before I share more on our topic today, let us first define dignity. Dignity in general terms is a quality or state of being found worthy, being honored or being esteemed. It comes with a title of nobility. From this definition it is clear that our actions and character is what qualifies us to be termed as dignified or not.  I was watching something on TV and a young woman, physically beautiful said she has been single for long enough and she is tired of being that way. She just wants a man and is ready to settle with just about anything that is available. She says she had a standard that she wanted, but every time she finds a man with the qualities she wants, he’s either married or in a serious relationship. To be honest I felt so bad for this lady and it reminded me of my close friends even who have settled for men they really did not want or deserve.

First of all I need you all ladies to know that as long as you are where you are supposed to be, the right man will somehow find his way to you. Note that I used the word find. As a lady it is not your job to go hunting. Sit back and wait for your man to come walking through the door. As long as you value and treasure yourself, the man for you will seek you and find you. My point therefore is divine positioning. For example, if God has called you to serve as an usher in your church, you ought to diligently serve at that capacity. Uphold your office with integrity and honor. Then when the time is right, God always plants the man right where he should be.

Also, I am going to need you to understand that a man should not be something you look forward to so much. The reason am saying this is because, God would want to build you for Himself. You belong to God first before you belong to any man. A man should not be viewed as that person who comes to complete the world of a woman, but rather should be viewed as a bonus. This way, you are more focused on fulfilling what God wants than waiting for a man. Please don’t get me wrong, having a man is a beautiful thing. I just want to draw the line between waiting upon the Lord and desperation. Am certain many may find this whole waiting upon the Lord Thing boring or cliché. But truth is, it’s the only sure way to have exactly what is meant for you. The one thing that you will not regret about.

Ladies one of the best virtues you can ever have apart from fearing the Lord is being patient. I know it can be hard to wait but the beauty of it all is when the waiting pays off. We all at some point look forward to have that one person to share our lives with, but what if we rush and end up with someone we were not meant to be with. So ladies learn to be patient. It’s not funny or easy but it’s the best thing you can ever do for yourself.

I would like to touch on something that we ladies may fall for over and over. If you are a lady and have dated different guys before, you tend to realize that you may have broken up with them for almost the same or related reasons. Every person has a type they attract. It doesn’t mean you are loser so calm down. My point of concern is this, why do we at times stoop so low and decide to overlook serious things that we are not comfortable with just to keep the man. For instance, some ladies may choose to stay in an abusive relationship even when their lives are at risk and claim that they love the guy.
When you value yourself and find yourself to be honorable, the best thing is to leave and move on. It sounds easy but it’s not especially when emotions are involved. Dignity is when you love yourself enough and choose to walk out of any circumstance that conflicts what you believe in. Walking out is not being weak, its valuing yourself and respecting yourself. Walking out sometimes is the best thing to do for yourself. The better option to avoid wrong relationships again is to be patient. I cannot stress this enough.

A friend of mine Winnie Omollo whom I love to call Osiep shared something that I want to put here too. “The right attention from the wrong person during the time when you are lonely or low can fool you into thinking they might be the one. Guard your heart.” This statement is so true. Therefore think about this and choose to respect yourself enough so that you do not end up kissing many frogs before you find your prince. I love talking to ladies so feel free to comment about today’s topic. I hope you learnt a thing or two.

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