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Preparedness For Dating


Hello people its been a while since I posted. Was trying to cook something in the background for us all. Today I want us to answer a fundamental question that people ask every time.The question I want to address is this, what is the right time to date? First of all I want us to get rid of the stereotype that one can only date in their twenties or rather in a particular age group. The right time is not about age but rather its more about the state of mind. It is about the maturity of an individual in all aspects.

Being in a relationship is not about age because if it were, there would be no 40 year old women and men who are single. The right time to date is when you have come to total realization of yourself, a point where you have fallen in love with yourself flaws and all. It is when you have discovered your purpose and all that you are doing is inclined to achieving this purpose. The right time is when you stop being selfish…when you stop thinking of yourself and begin accommodating another person. The right time to get into a relationship is when you have emotionally understood what you want and the willingness to work towards preparing yourself in the same way you are hoping the partner you will have prepares himself or herself.

Dating is fun i bet, but it requires work. It requires effort. If you are to relate with someone,then you have to ensure that you put in a lot of investments in place for the success of your relationship. You have to invest your time for this person. Even when you are so tied up, it is important to spare some time to spend with your partner. You need to completely forget about the “I” factor and start getting used to the “We”. There is no specific time when one can say that this is the right time to date. It is all dependent on personal maturity. Also note that, you cannot force yourself to be ready. Its the same way you cannot force your teeth to grow. It is a natural process that takes place at its own time.

When you realize you are becoming interested in having a relationships, it is wise to equip yourself. This can be done by reading books about successful relationships. You can source material from all around and build yourself. Make yourself the person that will be attractive. Make yourself presentable and legible for the person you hope to date.

Am sure some of you were looking forward to the part 2 of sexuality article. Don’t you worry it will be here shortly. Keep your comments coming they are so much appreciated. Thank you for being a blessing by reading my pieces this far.