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Sexuality Reloaded Part 1

Arlene Ayirah


Today’s piece is mostly directed to the ladies though the application can also involve the men. First of all, I want to apologize if anything that follows will sound a little out of line. But i do not think there is an easier way to say it. They say the truth is never sweet. There is no good way to break bad news, you just say it as it is. Calm down its nothing to be afraid of, its just a truth we have ignored for way to long. So brace yourself…
Here is a little something that hit me about our sexuality.
Virginity to be precise. We all know what virginity is i will not go into details of explaining. Although i would love to say this, virginity is not a disorder or an abnormality. I hate to see how young girls and boys have been deceived to think that being a virgin is the worst thing that can ever happen. It worsens at puberty when peer pressure crops in. Virginity is a state of purity. Purity here means clean, untouched, not tampered with. It is a state of honor and self respect. This is the right way to view virginity and not all the stereotypes making rounds.

When you have sex with someone for the first time its called losing your virginity. Note the word loose. Think about this, if you know that you are going to lose something, would you even think of putting your time, resources and energy in it? Rather if am gonna lose money investing in a business,why invest in it? It is the same thing when we come to matters of sex. If you going to lose your virginity,why lose it to some idiot who does not deserve it. Someone who is out to just use you and leave you for the next available prey. I am the old fashion kind of girl, I believe in fairy tales.

Think of this analogy, if I am thinking of using money because I am throwing a surprise birthday party for my mom,dad or really good friend, its worth it because i make them happy. I get to see this priceless smile on their faces. I get to leave a lasting impression on the people i love and care about. If you plan on having sex, why not keep it for this one man who will treasure and respect you all your life. Why not wait to make a lasting impression on the one person you will love over and over till you both grow old.

Sex is not a game, it is not a bet. Nobody ever dies because they abstained until marriage. We must treat our sexuality with so much respect. We must hold it in high esteem. God created sex, it is a good thing as long as it is done under the right circumstances that is marriage. I leave you with this, do not lose your sexual dignity to a random passer by.  Engage in sex with the only person who matters. Your husband. Sex is an investment not a game.
Thanks for your attention ladies and gentlemen. Share with others too. I feel compelled to do a part 2 on this. So look out for it. Keep safe and God bless you.

Before i forget help me wish a really good friend of mine a Happy Birthday… Happy Birthday Brian Gachiri. God keep you, sustain you and increase you. This is your season of outpouring. Am so proud of you. Lots of Love